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Ronnie Green is a former Officer in the Marines, Corporate executive, All-American Sprinter, World renowned fisherman, and host the award winning A Fishing Story TV show.

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How Long Can Fish Survive out of the Water?

Everybody who has ever caught a fish has taken a fish out of the water. While taking a long time to remove a stubborn hook or to get the right pose for a picture, most of you have probably wondered, “how long can this fish safely stay out of the water?”...

I’ll Have a Side Salad with My Squid: A Shark Species that Eats and Digests Grass!

Samantha Leigh taking a selfie with a bonnethead shark in a seagrass meadow.Sharks eat meat. That’s kind of the big thing about being a shark. Whether you’re a 20 ft. great white shark that bites seals in half, a 40 ft. whale shark that filters microscopic...

Microfishing: Catching More by Catching Less

When I was fishing a species tournament with Ronnie Green this past winter near Tampa, it wasn’t the unimpressive 14” redfish or the 20” Spanish mackerel that won the tournament for us; we won by targeting the smaller species, like squirrelfish, pinfish,...

The Ones That Get Away: How Predatory Fish Pursue Evasive Prey

A snook (Centropomus undecimalis) pursuing a crankbait. Photo by Jason Arnold. Whether it’s stripping streamers for trout, trolling plugs for mahi mahi, or reeling in a spinnerbait for bass, we have all had fish follow our lures all the way in. We hold our...

What’s the Best Way to Hold a Fish?

You’ve a caught a nice fish and have it close to the boat or the shore, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to hold the fish to get the hook out and take a photo. We’ve all been there (and if not, you’re probably at the wrong blog…). Should you...

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