Love to Fish


I love to fish. Every year my dad, my sister, and some family friends go up to Canada for a fishing trip (after I get out of school). We got up there Friday April 24th at about 4pm. While everyone else is tired from our journey. Me and my dad want to go out fishing. We quickly get the boat ready and head out before dark.

We go to a lake called Upper Scotch and quickly start fishing. We go into the middle of the lake on a 50 ft shelf. We quickly start to catch Walleye and Musky. I was using a medium jigging rod when something snapped my line. I had my ultra light bass fishing rod already tied together so I just decided to use that.

I drop it down to about 50 ft and slowly bring it up… I just remember drag peeling out as my rod bent in half. I quickly tighten my drag as I start to reel. I didn’t want to force it so my line would snap because nothing on that rod was meant for anything that big. I just tried to take it easy and not to force anything. It took a while and I finally got it up to the surface. The first thing I said was “We’re eating good tonight dad!”

He just replied with “No Jess, this is going on the wall.” I just smiled and brought it in the boat. As soon as the walleye flopped on the floor- Snap!!! There went my line. Just a few seconds before I would have lost the fish.

So, that is my story that I will forever remember and is one of many yet to come.

Jessica S.