Individual Pacific BillFish Grand Slam


After having another awesome Costa Rica Billfish trip with the Wetass II team for the 9th year in a row we were set to fish our last day on February 9th at Playa Carrillo then take the hopper flight late afternoon (before dark) back to San Jose to stay the night and fly back to Orlando the next day.

We overslept an hour that morning due to “all” the previous 5 days activities. As we were exiting the room to get down to the boat a young lady delivered a note in an envelope to Anthony who opened the note and immediately stepped back inside and sat down. He began to cry and told the others the content of the note that his mother had passed. Anthony gathered himself and ran to the office and had them get a line out of the country. While waiting Anthony called Sonny (Captain/Owner) and told him. Sonny is the man he is told Anthony to take care of whatever needed and that he would await a call on what the plans were.

Anthony reached the family stateside and got confirmation of moms passing during the night before. He then conversed with the family on pushing his arrangements to try to get out of San Jose and home by that night. The family (after 20 minutes) convinced Anthony not to try to change arrangements as he would be home the following night and there was really nothing he could do stateside. They all said to fish the last day, mom would DEMAND IT. Anthony said ok being he could not really gain anything trying to change arrangements based on the timing. Anthony then called Sonny and informed him we were fishing the last day and staying with the original plan.

We get offshore 2 hours later than normal so we had limited time to fish. O.L. Captained and Sonny stayed back in case he needed to make emergency travel changes for Anthony if something changed.

Approximately 10:30 Anthony hooks up with a Pacific Sailfish (120lbs) and completes a catch and release in approximately 15 minutes. A few more sails were caught over the next hour.

Then around 1:20 O.L. hollers left rigger/big marlin. Anthony grabs a baited pole and drops it back while Oscar teases him up, then high speeds the lure out of the water as Anthony's bait approached it. The Marlin piles on Anthony’s bait and he was able to hook up. Stand up fighting the 375lb Blue Marlin was caught & released around 2:15.

After celebrating and drinking a beer Anthony said “O L , GRAND SLAM maybe? Stripe? O L responded, yes we need a stripe but we have to get back soon to make sure you all catch the hopper back to San Jose before dark as the hoppers don’t fly at night.

As Oscar almost had the spread completely back out to give it another ½ hr, O L yells Marlin coming from the front and proceeds to yell even louder, ” Stripe .. Es Grande .. Stripe”.

He makes a long wide turn as the Marlin passed and then turned into the spread “HOT” and piled on a naked lure as Anthony was letting his bait back. He then billed up behind Anthony’s bait smacking it with his bill before piling on it and hooking himself. Approximately 40 minutes later the 220lb striped marlin was caught and released. Thus completing an “Individual” Grand Slam. Do you think Mom was looking in on this?

Anthony Catapano

Date: February 9, 2008
Place: Playa Carrillo Costa Rica
Boat/Owner/Capt : WetAss II/Sonny Kosis
Captain/Mate: O.L./Oscar
Angler: Anthony Catapano
Angling Technique: Bait & Switch (Tease)