Hard vs. Soft Bites: What’s the difference and why do bass use both? By fish biologist Noah Bressman

Nothing is more satisfying than when you’re slowly twitching topwaters near the edge of some weeds and a monster bass explodes on your frog (a close second being when fat spotted bass slams your bait near the boat, just as you are about to take it out of the water). A lot of times when you slowly work soft plastics, though, bass don’t hit them hard, and you may barely be able to feel a strike (if at all)…

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A Fishing Story
Active Duty Fishing


Love to fish and be on some water doesn’t matter where. I grew up in a migrant farm worker family, and we spent most of our time traveling and sleeping in the car. Sometimes we would stop by a body of water, so I would get out my ball of fishing line and my hook, cut a stick and fish while my father took a nap...

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