Picking the Perfect Bass Fishing Spot

If you are a fisherman or fisherwoman, you’ve probably been in this situation once or twice.

You’ve found the perfect bass fishing spot. Or so you think.

Sometimes you find it after spending a lot of time in an area. Other times you dock your boat or cast your line in just the right place.

However, you first find it, when you do (and the bass bite), it’s magical.

But as is often the case, even the “best-kept secret” becomes common knowledge at one time or another — whether it’s through ease of stumbling upon it or simply by word of mouth through the grapevine.

After all, in the Spring 2016, there were an estimated 48.7 million people in the United States who had gone fishing at least once within the last 12 months.

That’s a lot of people out on the water trying to catch fish!

Finding a good bass fishing spot isn’t easy, but here’s how to find a new one when your old one becomes overcrowded.


Networking isn’t isolated to just landing your next job or career move.

The fishing community is a tight-knit group of enthusiasts with a passion for their sport. Get to know people in the cities and areas you are going bass fishing.

Join the local bass fishing club or boating group.

Spend some time at your local bait shop and get to know some of the people who frequent these places — whether they are boaters, fishermen or employees.

These are the people who are on the water regularly and often know the areas the best.

Just like when you establish a relationship with someone and become friends in other facets of your life, the same applies to the fishing world.

Over time, these friends will often feel more comfortable giving you pointers on where the fish are biting and at what times of the day or year.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the sport either.

Showing you have a shared passion for fishing goes a long way towards establishing your credibility on the water.


Research isn’t just limited to a college paper or a work project.

Often, the most gifted people in sports or in business are those that are the most well read. The same applies to fishing.

Get on your computer and learn about the local or statewide regulations that govern fishing.

The sites for these entities often include information about bodies of water and the fish you will find in different areas, sometimes down to the specific lakes or rivers where bass are.

Is finding the perfect bass spot that easy? Not quite, but take advantage of a resource often overlooked by some of your peers.

Join an online message forum or other local fishing group where you can discuss the sport. Become an active member in the topics and contribute in a meaningful way to different subjects. (You will also become more knowledgeable during this process too!)

Showing that you are informed (or learning) and want to be a part of the local fishing community is something others will appreciate. It can also help you establish friendships built upon trust and admiration in the sport of fishing.

Cast Your Line

You can read every book about fishing and talk about it as much as you want, but just like anything else, there is no replacement for going out and doing it.

Get out to your local lake, pond, river, reservoir or bridge and cast your line! Also, be sure you are using the right bass lure!

But don’t do it just anywhere.

Be creative and willing to explore a bit, but keep these things in mind when picking the perfect bass fishing spot.

Here are some additional pointers for bass fishing:

Large Mouth Bass

Largemouth bass are an interesting catch. (Pun intended.) As the temperature changes in spring, they can be found in shallow water. That’s because this is the water that begins to warm up first.

Look for bass at the root of trees and near grass in the water — two places they like. A lot.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are a different animal. Sort of.

They are sensitive to current changes, so find rivers where water is moving in different directions.

When it’s hot outside, small mouth’s seek refuge in the holes created by vegetation or with a current’s movement.

Think about it, when you are hot, what do you do? You find shade!

Look under bridges, docks and other places. Again, be willing to explore.

Hitting the water when it’s cold outside? We’ve got some other pointers for you too.

Picking the perfect bass fishing spot is not an exact science.

Meeting people who have a passion for bass fishing, who will talk to you about the sport and help you learn more about your area will go a long way for you.

Doing some of your own footwork — either through research or going hands-on and thinking outside the box will help too.

Have you found a great bass fishing spot in your area?

If so, how did you do it?

Discuss your experiences below!

After all, you never know when you may be in the same town as one of our readers and want to fish the local bass hot spots!


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